Top 10 : Richest People in the World 2014

1) Bill Gates – $77.1 billion 

Investor, philanthropist, inventor and programmer. He co-founded Microsoft, and also held positions of CEO, chairman and chief software architect 

2) Carlos Slim Helu – $68.8 billion 

Chairman and CEO of popular telecommunication companies Telmex and América Móvil 

3) Amancio Ortega – $63.8 billion 

Spanish businessman is worth $64 billion.

4) Warren Buffet – $63.3 billion 

Buffett is the CEO, chairman and largest shareholder of Berkshire Hathaway, an American multinational conglomerate holding company based out of Omaha, Nebraska 

5) Larry Ellison – $49.3 billion 

Larry Ellison is the chief executive officer of Oracle, an American multinational computer technology corporation 

6) Charles Koch – $40.1 billion 

Charles is the official chief executive officer of Koch Industries 

7) David Koch – $40.1 billion 

American businessmen who owns Koch Industries, the second largest private company in the United States. 

8) Sheldon Adelson – $37.9 billion 

Chairman and chief executive officer of Las Vegas Sands Corporation 

9) Christy Walton – $37.6 billion 

Christy Walton is the world richest woman in 2014. 

10) Jim Walton – $35.2 billion 

Walton is also the CEO of Arvest Bank.

Intel Jimmy: The Robot in the 21 century

On last June 06th, a machine to help people was introduced by Intel Corporation. This was happened in the Code Conference technology conference in California in America. In the conference, There was a small robot like an Alien with Chief Executive Officer of Intel Corporation. It is called Jimmy.

Intel Jimmy

Jimmy is a completely different robot than all the other robots in the world. Jimmy’s hands, legs and all the other external parts have printed by a 3D Printer. He can walk, Sing, Identify his master and even help the master. This robot can be assembled very easily by anyone.

Making a quality robot that can be assembled at home is an actually new concept and also big challenge. According to Intel, this is a good product which is very suitable for 21st Century. Intel has opened a fund called 21st Century Robots to develop this robot.

The leader of this project is Brian David in Intel Corporation. He is an futurist. The Jimmy Robot idea was firstly emerge in his mind. Then he made it with the help of scientists of Southern California University and Trossen Robotics Company.

We can print the Jimmy’s external parts such that Hands, Head Cover by a 3D Printer as we want. Alternatively, we can buy the pack of Jimmy’s components which is already made by Intel.
Actually jimmy’s sketch is steel and also the Battery Pack, Wire Systems, Motor Systems, and the processor are sold by Intel as a Package.

Jimmy’s Technical Features

Height                  : 27”
Weight                 : 6 KG
Walking Speed    : 30 cm per Second
Features              : Camera, Microphone, Gyro Sensors, WIFI, Bluetooth
Memory              : 4GB
Processor            : Intel NVC Quad  Core i5
Battery                 : 4 Rechargeable Batteries (14.8V 4000 mAh LiPo)

This robot is powered by Ubuntu 14.04 or Linux Yokcto. This means, Jimmy is completely Open Source. Intel expect the help of genius in the world to develop this robot.

This robot will come to open market  in the end of this year(2014). Cost will be 1600 Dollars. But they believe that they can reduce the price to 100 Dollars in future with the usage of this robot product.

What Are The Features of 21st Century Robot

·         Robot can be assembled quickly and easily
·         Amount of basic components should be minimal.
·         Operating system should be Open Source.

Three Laws Of Robotics

·         A robot must not harm any human or property.
·         A robot must obey to human commands without any conditions.
·         A robot can be survived if and only if he follows above two rules.

Other Robotics Concepts

·         A robot can be done his self-maintenance.
·         Autonomous Learning: Learn many things by himself without help of others.

Speed Up Your Computer For Free : Windows ReadyBoost

improve computer performance for free with usb ready boost feature

Your pc is running slow ?

Now you have a good and very useful solution for speeding up your computer. Windows ReadyBoost feature provides you a great feature to use your USB flash drive or Memory card as a simple RAM module.

How to connect USB flash drive?

You can use any Memory Card or Flash Drive for this ReadyBoost feature. (eg: 4GB,8GB,16GB etc).It is not a problem if there are other files on the Flash Drive. It does not affect for ReadyBoost. But there should be enough free space (about 3 gb). Therefore, remember to check the free space before starting ReadyBoost.

How to ready for  ReadyBoost

Firstly you have to format the Pen Drive in NTFS file format. For that, connect your Flash Drive to the PC, open the computer window, right click on the Pen Drive ICON and select Format.

Note :

Remember to change File System as "NTFS" when formatting.

improve computer performance,make your computer faster,increase computer speed,make computer run faster,speed up your computer for free

improve computer performance,make your computer faster,increase computer speed,make computer run faster,speed up your computer for free

After formatting right click on the Pen Drive Icon again and click on the Properties. They go to the ReadyBoost Tab as following picture.

improve computer performance,make your computer faster,increase computer speed,make computer run faster,speed up your computer for free

If you are able to see the phrase “Speed up your system by utilizing the available space on this device”, that means your Flash Drive is ready to active ReadyBoost feature on it.

How to allocate memory?

You can see 3 Options (Radio Buttons) in the ReadyBoost tab in Properties window.

1) Do not use this device
            This option doesn’t allocate memory. It will deactivate ReadyBoost.

2) Dedicate this device to RdeayBoost
            This option will allocate entire memory of your pen drive.

3) Use this device.
This option will give you a seek bar to choose the memory amount allocate for.

After choosing an option, click on the OK button. Then your Pen Drive is ready for ReadyBoost. Now you can see a file named “ReadyBoost.sfcache” in the pen drive.

Note :

Now your computer is boosted with ReadyBoost virtual memory. If you remove the pen drive, that memory will be lost but if you connect again automatically readyboost feature will start and boost your memory. And also you are unable to use the memory that was allocated for the ReadyBoost feature until you remove those settings. To remove settings, you have to go Properties à ReadyBoost tab and select the “Do not use this device” option.

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